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5 Steps to Freedom Through Value Building

Meet Kermit Engh Business Coach

Is Coaching Right for You?

As a professional coach, I work with people who want to grow a successful business and are willing to put in the work needed, and are eager to make changes. I won’t tell you what to do; you’ll make your own decisions and I will help with feedback, perspective, or questions as needed so that you can explore your options on how best for you and your business.

My clients are all seeking assistance in getting to the “next level,” and they fall into one of these types of business:

Service Business Coaching

Trades & Service Companies

Business coaching for service companies, trades, restoration companies, dry cleaning businesses, laundry businesses.

Multi-Generational business transition coaching

Multi-Generation Transitions

Coaching for owners who want to transition their business to a new generation of leaders?

Value Builder Coaching for Small Business

Business Value Builder System

Coaching for owners who want to sell their business.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Working with Kermit & The Value Builder System has been a game change for us!  As 2nd generation owners in the Dry Cleaning Industry, we've come to realize that our business was not managed properly over 50 years and if we did not make changes our future was at risk. Today we've been able to reposition our mindset on how to properly operate our company with proven methodologies that will not only make us more profitable but position our business to be valuable.  The principles Kermit has taught us from the Value Builders program has changed the way we view our business and has taught us fundamental concepts on how to properly enhance our products & services.  As owners we are naturally invested on so many levels in our business.  Kermit has coached us on how to be effective leaders to empower your team with a business owner mindset and has given us a tool kit to continuously drive added value to our company.  Kermit's industry knowledge together with these proven value driving concepts has allowed us to reimagine our business for a brighter & profitable future with a healthy price tag attached!"

Nadine Rana
Drape Master Platinum

"The Value Builders Program has provided a framework to take the emotion out of running my business and analyze how we do business from a different perspective. It's shown me strategic changes I can make in order to increase the business' value for a future sale while also increasing its profitability. 
Kermit does a wonderful job creating relevant discussion topics so that all members in the group find valuable insights, regardless of their business size and operational differences."

Monika Manter
Balfurd Dry Cleaners

"As the business environment changes, there are always challenges to grow.  Value Builders have broken down what seems to be monumental goals into simple and proven strategies  that have started to change the direction of our company.  Our advisor - Kermit Engh has provided a tremendous amount of support and guidance that has helped us work on our business and not in our business." 

Don Mungal
Drape Master Platinum

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